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Longtime Chromebook enthusiast Brian Rossiter has amassed the collection of products on All these items made the Chromebook Tablets listings based on the research of and/or testing by Brian Rossiter.

All products are sold on and, for which Chromebook Tablets serves as an affiliate.

Brian Rossiter created to help beginner and seasoned Chromebook tablet enthusiasts find the ideal Chromebook tablet for their specific use cases, whether it’s for home use and/or for work use.

In some cases, manufacturers don’t disclose some information relevant to consumers such as display brightness, making the shopping experience challenging.

The Chromebook Tablets website offers as much information as Brian Rossiter could find on the products featured on the website, and he hopes the information he shares serves you well on your purchasing journey.

Because of schedule limitations and a rigorous workload in developing Superpower Web Enterprises websites, Brian Rossiter is unable to offer personalized buying advice for shoppers.

New products and articles are being published and featured items are being showcased on every month.

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